24 Hour Notary Houston

Houston, Texas 77024
The Notaries of 24 Hour Notary Houston are nationally background screened, bonded and insured providing peace of mind for the client.

What is a Notary?

A Notary Public is a public servant with statewide jurisdiction who is authorized to take acknowledgments, protest instruments permitted by law to be protested (primarily negotiable instruments and bills and notes), administer oaths, take depositions, and certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records.

A Notary Public is, in the true sense of the word, "a public servant" and "an officer of the State of Texas", conveniently located in the community so that the notary may be of service to the public. Each Notary Public takes an official oath of office to faithfully perform the duties of the office, and to insure such performance, a notary public is required to post a $10,000.00 bond with the Secretary of State.

24 Hour Notary Houston

Calling the Notary

For the most accurate quote, when calling, have the following information ready…

  • Total documents and specific name of documents?
  • Does any of the documents require witness?
  • Where is the document [in hand, at the venue or need to be printed]?
  • Does the document require any special details?
  • Number of signatures required on document? (How many signatures per page?)
  • Preferred date, time, and location?
  • Does all signers have a valid form of ID?
  • Form of payment?

What We Can Notarize

CURRENT valid photo identification must be presented by all signers prior to any documents being notarized. Examples include CURRENT STATE ISSUED Driver’s Licenses or identification cards, U.S. Passports or military identification cards.

  • Acknowledgments & Jurats
  • Oaths & Affirmations
  • Certifying Powers of Attorney
  • Depositions & Affidavits
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Mortgage, Loan & Refinance
  • Documents
  • Quitclaim Deeds
  • Consent for Minors to Travel
  • Personal Letters & Contracts
  • Copies of Journal Entries
  • Certification by Document
  • Custodian
  • Legal & Medical Documents
  • Many International Documents
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Proof of Execution
  • Traffic School Documents
  • ...and more!

What We Cannot Notarize:

  • Certified Copies of Birth & Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Documents with Blank Spaces
  • Immigration Documents
  • Copyrighted Material
  • Translated Documents
  • Photographs

Additional services offered are:

Contact us today for details.  Additional fees may apply.

  • Document Translation [done in house]
  • Document Courier
  • Apostille (done in Austin, Texas)
  • Mobile Faxing - sending & receiving
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Providing of witness(es)
  • Printing of Documents (pdf format only

Service Area

Ft. Bend
Liberty & Chambers counties.

24 Hour Notary Houston

Price List

  • Payment – Cash & Major Credit Cards accepted. Card payments will be assessed a service fee. Mobile Fee May Vary.

    1. Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment, register and seal ($4.00)

    2. Each notice of protest ($1.00)

    3. Protesting in all other cases ($4.00)

    4. Certificate and seal to a protest ($4.00)

    5. Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal: ($6.00 / 1.00)

      (1) for the first signature / (2) for each additional signature

    6. Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal ($6.00)

    7. All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for ($6.00)

    8. Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public's office, for each page ($0.50)

    9. Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words ($0.50)

    10. Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition ($6.00)

    11. All notarial acts not provided for


Client Name
Tom Cunningham /(Wednesday, December 28 16 04:07 pm EST)
What a pleasant, professional experience. Ms. Jordan arrived precisely on time, executed her tasks professionally and was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
Client Name
Georgette S. L. /(Monday, November 21 16 09:08 pm EST)
My husband of 26 years passed away suddenly. I recently moved and I couldn't locate my late husband original will. I could only locate a copy of the will. 24Hour Notary helped me get what I needed in Texas done right away. I cant thank Ms. Jordan enough for helping make my life easier. I will recommend using 24 Hour Notary Houston.
Client Name
Mary D /(Sunday, July 10 16 10:02 am EDT)
Great service. Very professional. We had our wills, living wills and power of attorney documents witnessed by 2 people and notarized. Easy to schedule a time. Will use again and recommend to friends.
Client Name
Angie /(Tuesday, May 31 16 01:27 pm EDT)
Great service and very reliable! I have used them on several occasions, and they are always on top of things. I will continue to use them for future notaries!
Client Name
Jennifer /(Friday, May 06 16 04:31 pm EDT)
I needed my affidavit in ASAP to avoid getting called to court, and my notary was fast and on time. This website provides a really cool service.
Client Name
Joy /(Saturday, September 05 15 01:14 pm EDT)
Great service! Fast and reliable! Thanks so much!
Client Name
Victoria /(Friday, August 14 15 10:50 pm EDT)
Great service!! Very informative, professional, and punctual, would definitely call again should the need arise.
Client Name
Jimmy Floyd /(Friday, November 25 16 02:09 pm EST)
Tracy was prompt and professional.
Client Name
Daniel /(Monday, July 18 16 11:14 am EDT)
I want to thank 24 Hour Notary Houston for their excellent service. They arrived right on time and were able to bring witnesses. The whole process was made very easy, and they were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their service.
Client Name
Joni J. /(Monday, June 20 16 01:51 pm EDT)
My family needed POA, MPOA, and HIPAA Release forms notarized for my ailing, elderly parents. Tracee met us at my Mom's Skilled Nursing Center, along with 2 witnesses her service provided for a reasonable fee. Tracee was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable about the documents, carefully explaining every aspect to my parents. I highly recommend this trustworthy, dependable Notary.
Client Name
Dorn McCourt /(Thursday, May 19 16 02:52 pm EDT)
Great service nice people to work with will recommend and use again
Client Name
Melanie /(Tuesday, January 05 16 10:20 pm EST)
Would most definitely call again! Professional, punctual, and very kind. Thank you Ms. Tracee!
Client Name
Eduardo Pabellon /(Thursday, August 27 15 03:09 pm EDT)
My father who lives in North Carolina needed a document signed by someone in Texas with a notarized signature and an apostille from the Secretary of State in Texas for a real estate transaction that was taking place out of the country in 5 days. I reached out to Trace after finding her on Yelp. The document was signed and notarized and we were in possession of a scanned version of everything less than 24 hours after calling Trace. The service was amazing. Thank you.
Client Name
Tony Ramos /(Monday, July 13 15 10:10 pm EDT)
Life saver, very helpful! Great customer service! I defenetly recommend 24 hour notary!
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