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We help teachers TEACH.

We offer creative educational concepts to new and veteran educators so that they can help our most vulnerable students succeed. Our dynamic lesson plans, teaching tips and other resources are designed to help great educators become extraordinary.

We provide custom elementary and secondary lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in the subjects of literacy and mathematics. Our instructional strategies have been tested in real classrooms and have been proven to be successful with the most challenging learners.

Our goal is to help you become a better teacher by providing you with an arsenal of helpful and reliable resources. Whether you are a parent or a new educator, we want to help you fuel great minds – one classroom or student at a time.


We can help schools and teachers with professional development, new teacher support, and teacher pedagogy.

Professional Development

We provide authentic professional development training that is tailored to meet the needs of urban students and students that are below grade level. All of our sessions are taught by practicing high performing educators of struggling learners which helps to increase the implementation of the instructional strategies.

New Teacher Support

Our new teacher support does not end after the professional development session. The IgnitED new teacher  support program offers a unique 2 tier approach to supporting new teachers by providing follow up classroom visits conducted by a veteran teacher, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other new teachers via Google Hangout and other social media platforms.

Teacher Pedagogy

At IgnitED we realize that sometimes good teachers have very strong content knowledge but know very little about pedagogy. Our highly skilled presenters provide professional development participants with proven instructional strategies that builds each teacher’s instructional toolbox and meets the unique needs of struggling learners.
We can help schools and teachers with professional development, new teacher support, and teacher pedagogy.

We provide custom elementary and secondary lesson plans that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in the subjects of literacy and mathematics

Equipping Teachers with Real Classroom Solutions

IgnitED’s mission is to provide a support system for urban teachers that equips them with real classroom solutions. IgnitED strives to keep qualified urban teachers in the classroom by providing a system of support through off campus professional development and lesson plans that are designed to meet the needs of the urban student.

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Bugs!- Informational TextThis product is intended to help teachers incorporate reading and grammar skills while introducing informational text to young learners. This packet includes the following printables: -Identifying bugs (nouns) cut and paste – Describing bugs graphic organizer (adjectives) – Comparing and contrasting bugs Venn Diagram – Compound words (2) with bugs – Identifying bug facts – Reading passages (2) with and without word bank – Writing prompt$4.00Purchase
How to Guide:Differentiating Literacy CentersThis is a free how to guide to differentiating instruction for literacy centers.$FREE!Purchase
Make a Ten Strategy- Ten Frames and Number BondsMaking a Ten is a 3 day lesson that allows students to practice with visuals for making ten then connecting the ten frames to number bonds. The last component of the 3 day lesson is to apply the making a ten strategy to add numbers that equal more than 10. The product includes- -lesson plan- -black line masters of number bonds, ten frames with worksheet – worksheets for adding and applying the making a ten strategy$5.00Purchase
Number of the Day 2This product provides students who need practice with creating numbers 21-100 using decomposing, number bonds, place value, coin combinations, and 10 more or 10 less than a number. It includes practice with: -word form and expanded form -place value – ten more or ten less -even and odd This product can be used to differentiate morning work for struggling 2nd graders It is aligned to the “new” Math TEKS for 1st grade.$6.00Purchase
Prime or Composite: Math Station ActivityPrime or Composite is a math station activity that provides students who need extra practice with identifying prime and composite numbers. The product includes- – recording sheets – envelope covers – number cards – graphic organizer$2.00Purchase
Ten Frame BundleBundle include (1) 1 x Make a Ten Strategy- Ten Frames and Number Bonds (2) 1 x Recomposing Numbers To Add Using the Make A 10 Strategy$8.50Purchase
Test Preparation:Griddable PracticeThis product is intended help teachers prepare their 3rd – 6th grade students for testing. The product includes: 3rd and 4th grade griddable-without decimals 5th grade griddable- with decimals 6th grade griddable- with negative and positive signs$FREE!Purchase
The Engineering Design PosterThis is a free product for teachers to use as a “student friendly” version of the engineering design process. The product includes blackline and colored posters.$FREE!Purchase

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What people are saying about Ignited

Client Name
Johnette Roberts /Math Specialist/Consultant
Michelle Williams is a passionate educator whose impact reaches students, educators and parents. Michelle is definitely a life-long learner, always seeking best practices and strategies to help students understand and experience success with learning math. She is particularly skilled at working with students who struggle in math
Client Name
Brandon /Teacher
The products that she introduces are extremely helpful and valuable in the classroom. I am especially a fan of the simplifying fractions with color tiles activity. WOW! It really gives the students concrete, hands on experience as to how to simplify fractions. This activity also motivated students who are not usually easily motivated to participate in the lesson and complete assignments.
Client Name
Keith Courville /Executive Director/APEL
Ms. Williams is an excellent presenter, responsive to the needs of teachers, and an expert in how to utilize data on student performance to improve instruction.
Client Name
Cheryl /Home School Teacher
Thank you for sharing this!!! will be very useful in my home school
Client Name
Dr. Marthea Raney /Principal, Lawson Academy
Great hands on experiences for teachers, Feedback given to teachers helpful and relative to everyday classroom practices.
Client Name
Katherine /Bilingual Teacher
>Ms. Williams is an excellent educator. I have learned so much from her. The lessons that she created on composing and decomposing numbers has helped my students learn the concept of place value.
Client Name
Kathleen /Teacher
I am hoping this will keep me straight this year. It seems like every year we are asked to keep more and more data and I always feel like something is slipping through the cracks. Hopefully this tool will make my life a little easier. ~ Progress Monitoring for Teachers
Client Name
Amy Higgins /High School Teacher
Michelle Williams is definitely one supercharged and ignited educator. I actually looked forward to Professional Community Learning meetings when she was the Master Teacher at East Feliciana High School. She is full of innovative and effective teaching strategies for the classroom.
Client Name
Alicia /Teacher
This resource has made my life so much easier. A really good pack for questioning ~ Questioning the Text
Client Name
Jackie /Teacher
This is a great product to teach place value. I love the chart idea! I will make it into a math game similar to "Shut the Box" I will definitely use this! ~ Place Value-The Penny Walk
Client Name
Jade Johnson-McDowell /Math Teacher
Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor, always trying new ideas to reach every type of learner. I am constantly learning from her IgnitED webpage! I incorporate her ideas in my classroom and really value her experience.
Client Name
Jennifer Chavez /Elementary Teacher
Ms. Williams has motivated and inspired us as a campus. She has taught us how to create and implement highly effective lessons and activities such as Number of the Day. I have been extremely grateful to work beside her and learn all that she has taught me.


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About Us

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and a Master of Science degree in curriculum, instruction and technology. She is certified to teach grades 1-8 in both Texas and Louisiana. She is also licensed to lead schools, though the classroom is where her heart remains. While she has taught language arts, social studies, science and math, her specialty is elementary math. Throughout her career, Michelle has served in a variety of capacities. She has propelled students to new heights as a classroom teacher and has mentored new educators as a lead teacher and TAP mentor teacher and TAP master teacher. She’s also spearheaded the direction of instructional strategies at her schools as an instructional coach and department chair.



IgnitED is always looking for amazing educators and leaders to join our team. If you are an urban educator with a passion for teaching urban students, please send us your curriculum vitae to info@fuelgreatminds.com

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