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PX Muscle and Nutrition

Central market for dieatary supplements that aide in athletic muscle performance and enhancement at affordable prices. We provide fitness and nutritional tips/advice for the average gym goer to competitive athletes.
PX Muscle and Nutrition


ADAPTOGEN SCIENCE WARP-5 BLUE RASPBERRYWarp-5, Blue Raspberry Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Workout Formula. Explosive Energy. Intense Focus. Increased Endurance. Warp-5 is an extremely powerful workout tool that is to be consumed on workout days only. Please read entire label before use.$34.99Purchase
JULIAN BAKERY INSTAKETONES PROTEIN BAR ORANGE BURST - GLUTEN FREEInstaKetones Protein Bar, Orange Burst Caffeine Free. 11.7g BHB per Bar. Paleo and Keto Friendly. Lactose Free. No Animal Byproducts. No Artificial Colors or Flavorings. No Preservatives. Keto. Gluten-Free. Dairy-Free.$34.95Purchase
NUTRAKEY VPRO CHOCOLATE - GLUTEN FREEVPro, Chocolate. Raw Plant Protein. No Dairy, No Soy, No Animal. Pea. Brown Rice. Quinoa. Spirulina. Artichoke. Amaranth. Gluten Free, Non GMO. Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our lives. The importance of protein to balance health is often underestimated...$18.36Purchase
VITOL RUSSIAN BEAR 5000 WEIGHT GAINER CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM 5000 Weight Gainer, Ice Cream Chocolate most important anabolics and USA's most potent ingredients for gaining weight without gaining fat! Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer is the one and only; The first of it's kind in the history of sports science ...$41.90Purchase




Your LImits

Your LImits

Average 2 Superstar

My team and I pick 2 people and train them for 12 weeks FREE.
It's to help those who can't afford a trainer, have no knowledge of what to do in the gym, or have tried everything possible and haven't made any progress.
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Meet PX Model Jordan Silas - Average 2 Superstar Participant

Story from Jordan

Growing up and being an active child working out was always apart of my life. I've always had a love hate relationship for working out but  I knew that I loved looking good. Every year I always say my goal is to get a pair of abs I need to have abs by the summer still no abs. I had honestly given up on them and just came to the conclusion that I wasn't meant to have them. 2 months ago I was in the gym going through my regular routine and Chris, trainer with PX Muscle and Nutrition, approached me. Now I been knowing him for years and hadn't seen him in a while. He had already been fit but now he was looking like a power ranger. I told him I see that his hard work was paying off. He told me about his changes etc. Chris told me that  I had tons of potential and thought I would benefit from his program, Average 2 Superstar, that he was getting started. Now I'm always up for a challenge and being that I'm mentally strong and have a competitive spirit I was up for the challenge. I was weighing about 225-230.

My weakness is my stomach area so I had to change my diet in order to get the one thing I had been wanting for a long time. That's a pair of abs. My journey is just beginning and at 6ft even I'm weighing 215. Let's just say you get your ass kicked every session with Chris. He firmly believes that hard-work and consistency is key to transforming. The changes are awesome!

PX Muscle and Nutrition

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