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Become a Certified Welder in as little as 12 Weeks!

Welding is more than just any industrial or construction process. In a better sense, it's a life skill that can be taught to anyone. In welding, you don't need fancy degrees to make continuous profits. You just need a steady flow of dedication and creativity. It begins with your desire to learn then you can move on to the process of completing various industrial projects. More importantly, getting a welding certification will take only few months of hard work unlike other courses that will take years.

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Griffin's Industrial Welding School

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We are devoted to providing the BEST learning experience through our unique hands on & by the book approach!


Learn about the course we offer here at Griffin Industrial Welding School and change your life today!

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If you want to have a professional welding training experience and certification in Houston Texas, you should enroll at the Griffin Industrial Welding School. The school is accredited to teach high school, college students or anyone who want to learn how to weld for a living or recreation purposes. Among the other welding schools in Houston Texas, Griffin Industrial is the most competent. With a compendium of excellent tactics and strategies, every student of Griffin Industrial can learn how to weld with accuracy and near-perfection. The learning process in Griffin Industrial also involves a general apprenticeship method where students can hone their skills accordingly. The instructors at Griffin believe that students can learn more whenever they're sent in the field to complete their accreditation projects.

    Aside from basic wedding skills that must be learned, the students will also be taught how to apply welding theories in all of their projects through their accelerated welding classes. This grants career advantages for all future welders graduating from Griffin Industrial Welding School. Basically, Griffin Industrial will help you set the foundation for your welding career. Despite this, your journey as a master welder will take ten or more years. During these years, you'll probably work on different projects like railroad construction, pipeline repair, car assembly, and ship-building. You'll also work with other industry professionals, making your professional career worthwhile.

    ​Enroll in Griffin Industrial Welding School today and weld your path to victory!

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